Namibia Experiences-Rachel

After completing the post-Conference tour through the northern region of Namibia, I can say that the country is much of what I expected it to be. Over the course of the week we came across a variety of animals, including four of the big five; lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, springbok, gemsbok, ostrich, bush babies, and an array of birds.  My personal favorite has to be the cheetah that gave my hand a lick at the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Here we learned about the importance of biodiversity in the cheetah’s lifespan on earth and their value as predators to a thriving ecosystem.

We were all able to enjoy a rich segment of the Namibian culture when various lodges’ wait staff performed traditional native dances during our evening meals.  One of these being in dedication to my twenty-first birthday, entitling me to true sundowners in the states. At the end of our travels I went on a city bus tour of Windhoek.  Our driver took us past the Parliament of Namibia, some local schools, a fireman training station in session, and various manufacturers of beer and the likes.  We were also able to drive through the township of Windhoek and visit a meat market.  The township itself consisted of what appeared to be a never ending span of metal shacks that house around two thirds of Windhoek’s population.  Further into the township, we stopped at an enormous shed-like pavilion filled with vendors of clothing, meat, and other small foods. Though a little tough, my samples of meat were great!

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